Hochstetler Buildings BFBA Awards 2011 Select Sires Select Sires (2011 BFBA)

Select Sires, Inc. is the largest producer of bovine semen in the U.S. This new calf campus is designed to receive 45-day-old genetically valuable calves transported from a company that conducts embryo transfer and in vitro fertilization methods with cattle. The young calves reside in Barn A for 30-35 days during which time they are weaned from a milk diet to a grain and hay diet. Each calf resides in a well-bedded pen providing 35 SF per animal for its comfort and welfare. When 75-80 days old, the calves are transferred to Barn B where they will reside until six months old. The buildings are designed to reduce the risk of the calves developing respiratory disease; the facility and buildings are designed to achieve biosecurity separation to further protect the health of these animals.
Select Sires Select Sires Select Sires Select Sires Select Sires Select Sires
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